Reality Check

Last night, I went to a meeting at a friend of my boss’s house.  There were a bunch of different couples, all in their late-30’s to their mid-40’s.  A few of them brought their kids.  As we were getting situated, the hostess said, “Can I get the kids to sit on the floor?”

I seriously got up.  The entire room looked at me.

It was then that I realized that I am nearly 30, and that they were referring to the actual kids in the room.

I think that this is what has been causing me stress lately.  I realize that I am an adult, but yet I still treat myself like a kid.

That in itself is bizarre, because even as a child my mom said I was “five going on thirty-five”.  But maybe I just have to get past the things that I deem necessary to make me a “grown-up”.  Do I make my bed everyday?  No.  Only 75% of the time.  A vast improvement over my childhood, but still not what I thought I would do when I was an adult.  I almost never eat off of plates at home, but rather consider paper towels and my hands to be the utensils of choice, because then I don’t have to use a dishwasher.  I have yet to wear an apron when I cook.  I don’t drink coffee.  It is a little scary, actually, when I look at this list, that I seem to equate being a housewife with being an adult.

I think what annoys me about the situation last night is that these people consider me to be friends, and I consider them to be superiors.  I need to get past that.  That is when I will be more comfortable in my grown-up skin.  Next…how do I move on to using all those dishes I got off of my registry?


3 responses to “Reality Check

  1. I can relate. I remember the first time someone asked, “Can you watch the kids for a minute?” and I thought, “Watch the kids? Who is gonna watch me?”

    I think being grown up feels different than I expected it to. I thought I’d have a lot more answers than I do.

  2. I def do not feel like an adult my any means. At least you make your bed 75% of the time. I only make the bed when company is coming over!

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