I Am Currently Not Networking Or Being Social

Facebook, Twitter.  MySpace.  LinkedIn. Texting.  BB Messenger.


I can’t handle it anymore.  Never have I been so grateful that I did not access to these things when I was in high school than right now.

While most of my friends work full-time, we all have too much time on our hands.  How do I know?  Because 10 times a day, I get a call.  (Or, to be honest, I make a call as well…I can’t lie and say that I am not involved!)

“Did you see?  Stacy and Mike broke up!”

“How is she taking it?”

“I don’t know.  I just saw her relationship status changed.”

“Wow.  That’s serious.”

You see, in order for someone to REALLY be broken up, they have to make the decision to change their relationship status on FB.  That is the ultimate “GO!” signal when a relationship is official, and it signifies the unfortunate demise.

All day long, if you really wanted, you could stay tuned in to the latest and greatest in ANYONE’S life.  And I am not guilt-free.  Granted, my updates are usually sarcastic or obnoxious life observations.  But I do stay in touch with many people via their status updates.  It is easy, stress-free, and cost-effective.

However, recently, I have noticed that certain people in my life are using their many networking tools as a way to be dramatic.  I have seen entire fights (real ones) be acted out via Twitter, for tons of people to read.  Or even worse, I have witnessed passive-aggressive status updates cause emotional rifts between people.  Yes.  Grown-ups.

Recently, I had a good friend of mine change my FB password so that I can’t access it while I am planning the wedding and trying to cram in work before I take off the month of September.

I have no idea how many beers Sean drank this weekend, or if Sadie went to the movies, or what Benjamin thought of the Nick Teen Awards.

But I have an extra five hours a day of productivity.  And the people who do matter?  Are still there.  Take that, technology!


One response to “I Am Currently Not Networking Or Being Social

  1. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in it all, isn’t it? I’ve been somewhat unplugged with Julia starting school and me starting Kindermusik. At first, I felt a little panicky being away from my beloved internets, but I think I’m finding some balance. I hope. We’ll see.

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