I’m Back…

Finally!  The wedding was amazing.  D is truly so special, and the days leading up to our wedding, (despite his obscene packing) were so fun.  A bridesmaid had a genius idea, and carried with her at all times a little cooler with mini-wine coolers, so I was on a steady drink iv for three days.

Even with a huge contigient of people, I had a ton of time to spend with people between Friday night’s Shabbat dinner, Saturday’s Out-Of-Towner dinner, and the wedding itself.  Additionally, D and I skipped favors in lieu of hosting a “hosipitality suite” (deemed the “Celeb Suite”) which was fully stocked with alcohol and sweets for the whole weekend.  It was insane.  

After the wedding, we went to Maui for 9 days.  My two best guy friends gave us backstage tickets to John Legend, (one of my favoritest singers)…AMAZING!  I got pretty sunburned but it was a fabulous trip.

My mind is pretty scattered, so I am sure more will come out over the next few days.  I did grow up a little, when a day before the wedding, my dad EMAILED (from 3 miles away) to say that my stepmom wasn’t coming to the wedding or any of the other events because, (and I quote) “she doesn’t like you”.  I could care less, except that since my brother already didn’t come as his wife was 8 months pregnant (another story for another time), and I hated the fact that it looked like I was abandoned by my entire family.  But instead of crying, I said to him, “Well, if she is going to be a classless bi$ch, so am I.  She owes me $200 for all of the meals she is too rude to show up for.”  I doubt I will get a check, but at least I made my feelings known.

How is everyone?  I missed you all! 🙂


6 responses to “I’m Back…

  1. YOU ARE MARRIED!! You never have to give another blowjob again!

    Heh … just kidding. A bit.

    Your stepmother is a truly wicked one, that’s terrible.

    It sounds like so much fun was had in the celeb suite. Congratulations!!!!

    I looooooove Hawaii, and have been three times. Can’t wait to take Dave there. XOX

  2. Oh thank Gd. I was hoping the rumors about the blow jobs were true!

    Yep, married. I wasn’t nervous until 2 minutes before, and truly it was because I was afraid D wouldn’t step hard enough on the glass to break it and we would be doomed. (I have some control issues, as you can see, I don’t even trust anyone to break the glass!) It went fine. And so did getting lifted in the chairs. Gd, being Jewish is nerve-wracking!!!


  3. I’m glad you had a wonderful time (despite an evil stepmother) and I’m so glad you’re back! Looking forward to staying in touch through your blog!

    P.S. My mouth was on the floor when I read the part about your dad’s email. Good for you for asking for the $200. Rude doesn’t even begin to describe.

  4. Jane,

    You know, I was torn between being upset and being shocked at a rare moment of honesty from my dad. (I just wished he would of told me in time to cancel her meals…but that is neither here nor there…) I think it was his payback for not being invited to walk me down the aisle or having a father/daughter dance. But honestly, I did everything not just the way that was best for me, but the way that was best. Period. And, somehow, he not only got off of his scooter but danced with me. Twice. So it worked out. 🙂

  5. Congrats to you ❤ Cant wait to hear more about your special day!

  6. Congratulations, married woman!

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