Swine Flu: No Thank You

This was kind of funny. Except not.

Yesterday, I was at the smoothie shop getting my morning jolt of fat-burning fruit and ice blend when a lady came in, carrying a two or three year old. The little girl looked pretty restless, and the mom set her down. Since I tend to draw children to me with my charisma (not really, I have no idea but they love me), the child came running up to me to rub her snotty little nose all over my pants. I smiled and said, “Hi sweetie”. Her mother was very stressed and launched into a story about how she had been at the doctors office, blah blah. The little girl was running all over the store, touching EVERYTHING. I was kind of distracted, because it weirds me out when people let their kids run around shoeless in dirty places. But the lady got my attention when she ended her rant by saying, “I just hope it is not SWINE FLU”.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Well, they swabbed her, we should know later today.” the mom responded, picking up her infectious little girl.

I was speechless and left, forgetting my smoothie in the store. I had to go home and change, as I had snotty pants on. Thanks for your consideration, lady.ffffound.com


2 responses to “Swine Flu: No Thank You

  1. Ewwwww, ewwwww, ewwwwww! Simply disgusting!

    • I know. I was beyond grossed out. But I also felt like I needed to show the lady some mercy, as I don’t know (yet, Gd willing) what it is like to be a mom. That being said, I am pretty sure I won’t be taking my potentially infectious child into a public place!

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