That Girl

We all know THAT GIRL.  You know the one.  She always looks amazing, always has enough time to take care of her hair, nails, weight, clothes…I have realized lately that I live with a constant level of resentment in my conscious of these people.  I turn 30 in a mere 190 or so days.  This has always been the “number” to me.  I had goals…I was going to be DONNA FREAKIN’ REED by 30.

Gd, however, and reality had other plans.

I have realized that it is time to make the change.  And it is not that I am going to quit my job so that I can be at the gym all day, or move into a salon.

I am going to invest in me.

Why?  Because that is what THAT GIRL does.  It is not that she is given more opportunities, or better opportunities than me.  It is just that she has shifted her priorities.  And that is something that I need to do.  For instance, I could continue to go straight home from work to hang out with D and get annoyed when he plays with his I-Touch for hours on end.  OR I could go straight to the gym, work out, and come home feeling good about myself, and still have time to watch him play with the damn I-Touch.  I can continue to wake up late, roll out of bed, and go to work looking like a homeless person, or I can take five  minutes at night to get the next day’s outfit, lunch, and morning routine all prepared.

I realize that this is not going to be an overnight transformation.  But nothing is.  And frankly, I am a huge fan of shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Make Over: Home Edition” where they have an unveiling.  I don’t see that in my future.  I don’t really want there to be a huge, “RACHEL! LOOK AT YOU!” moment to draw my shortcomings to people.  I’d rather this be a general transformation.

And if I happen to wake up on my 30th birthday, a bit more comfortable with myself, I won’t be too upset.  🙂


One response to “That Girl

  1. I think the key to making lifestyle changes is to do it gradually if you want it to stick. I want to be THAT GIRL, too. I’m working my way there. It’s a process.

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