Rhymes with Look Schmields

Sorry I have been MIA.  I may or may not have gotten laid off (I did) and I was finishing up a paralegal course…yay for yet another job!  (Someday…gotta get the certificate first!)

Yesterday, however, I read something that inspired me to post again.  (Insert edenriley.blogspot.com here…if I knew how).

I used to live in Los Angeles.  I lived in Brentwood, the fancy part of town, where people pretend that they care about the earth and can walk everywhere, because all of the ridiculously expensive boutiques are all close to each other…but in real life they drive big SUVs.  Anyways, I frequented a bagel shop that also had a lot of stars there.  It was little and unassuming, and it wasn’t a big deal.  It wasn’t like I talked to anyone, but occasionally you would start to become familiar faces to them, and they would smile at you everytime they saw you.

Anyway, a few years ago, right after that whole crazy Tom Cr.uise and Matt La.uer interview happened, I remember thinking, “I wish that I could call Look Schields (name different to protect the famous) and thank her for speaking out”.  She basically stood up and said that being depressed and being on medicine isn’t a big deal, and that Tom had no business in attaching an even bigger stigma to it.

A few weeks later, I walked into the busy  bagel shop, and the cutest little girl said, “You can sit with us!” I smiled and said, “No, I’ll just wait for someone else to get up”. She persisted and her mother said, “You better sit, she is pretty insistant!”  It was then that I realized, um, I was talking to Look Schmield’s little girl.

I sat down, and complemented the little girl on her tutu (which, apparently, she refused to leave the house without.  “When I was your age, I wanted a dog so badly that I would eat only underneath the table and crawled on all fours for three months straight,” I told her.  Look smiled and said, “Sometimes I want to eat underneath the table, too.”

Encourage by her comment, I felt like I could say what I wanted.  Very carefully, I thanked her for speaking out.  I told her that when Tom made those statements, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Let him come to my house for a week, I’ll go off of my meds.  Let him look anyone in the eyes and say that depression is easily curable by diet and Xenu and whatever else he preaches…”  She was so sweet and flattered.  I was so careful not to overstep any boundries, but it was so important to me to make sure she knew that it MEANT SOMETHING.  Her using her voice, when so many use it to speak on something that they don’t understand, to say, “Hey.  Depression is real, and it hurts…and it takes courage to get help, and to fight.”

Living in LA I had a lot of bizarre, wonderful things happen.  It is where I met D.  And it’s also where I got to say thank you to someone who helped to free me, even just a bit, from the ties that bound me to feeling like I was weak.  Because I am not.


7 responses to “Rhymes with Look Schmields

  1. I’m so glad you’re back. And I love this post and the fact that you got the opportunity to thank “Look” personally – for all of us. I’m glad she stood up for herself but I hope she knows that in doing so she stood up for the rest of us.

    • It was funny…after being in LA I know that stars treasure their privacy…but I figured after her little daughter insisted I sit with them, we were close enough for me to bring up her post-partum depression! 🙂

      I’m glad to be back…the past month has been insane!

  2. Oh you are such a sweetheart.

    Mate … I am so sorry you got laid off! I hope you are ok.

    If you and I went to that bagel shop we would totally sit and trade depression/anxiety/family stories. And starspot.


    • So fun! We are going to South Africa for the World Cup (post to come) and for some bizarre reason I always get SA and Australia mixed up in my head, and I was like, OH! Eden time! And then I remembered. And I was sad. And embarrassed that I can’t keep the two separate.

      • so thats why you should come to ny for blogher in august!!! closer than australia- eden will be there as well!

  3. I lived in L.A…. annnnd, i do not miss it at all.

    • I love visiting. But when it takes me three hours to get from the in-laws to the gym, one way, I think to myself, “Dear Gd…thank you for giving me the good sense to get out of here.” That being said, something tells me we will move back there. I will only do so when we have the money to do so in style. So, you know, when we are 80.

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