Let’s Get Going, 2010!

I  am one of those people who HATES endings.  Every summer at camp, I dreaded going home, but even more, I hated the last few days…knowing it was going to be over, and sad, and mopey.  I am notorious for ducking out of parties and not saying goodbye.  Not because I’m rude, but because I hate the whole “goodbye” thing.

But 2009?  Can bite me.

Yes, I got married, and that was fabulous.  But as any of you married people know, marriage isn’t enough to make for a spectacular, end-all, be-all anything.  I mean, I LOVE D. and our wedding was amazing…and our marriage is great.  But the other things that have happened this year?  OY.

And, to top it all off, I am turning 30 in 2010!

I dreaded 30 for a long time.  Hell, I dreaded 15.  I have always hated becoming older.  But in the last few weeks, I have realized that 30 is going to be great.  Why?  Because my 20s were insane.

I had: 11 jobs, 8 boyfriends, several idiotic boyfriend moments (not going into numbers!), lots of “discovery”.  Not all bad.  But definitely the kinds of things that are much more enjoyable when looking BACK, rather than enduring.

So, whereas I am not eager to rush through anything, I am thrilled to say goodbye to this year.  And…to celebrate, D., his best friend, and his best friend’s fiance and I are all going to Disneyland for New Year’s Eve!

May 2010 be as magical as we all deserve!


One response to “Let’s Get Going, 2010!

  1. Wishing you all the best for you in this new decade! You will LOVE 30. Trust me!

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