I’m too tired to pretend like I’m not affected by this, so instead I’m faking a sick dog. Is that bad?

D. is a pretty private person.  He hasn’t really told anyone about what’s going on.  Which, since we have so few friends to begin with, makes me being home alone pretty difficult.  One couple that we are really close to knows the situation, and are fabulous.  But between them, the nutso MIL, my other BFF, and my mom, my phone is ringing off the hook.  Which is TOTALLY getting in the way of me just moping a teeny bit and sitting at home with the dog while working on myself and searching the house for Oxycotin to throw out.

I had a few crying spells, but today hasn’t been that bad.  I walked like 4 miles (I think that’s 6 or so kilometers, Eden :)) and I took the dog out for a run (separately.  I wasn’t kidding, I am going to lose weight this month).  I talked to Danny a bit (his detox starts on Monday, and until then he is with his folks…and going through weird mood swings from the taper).

After spending 200 bucks at the grocery store (and I am not going to lie, 40 or so bucks was on the dog for treats and 20 or so was chocolate covered pretzels) I was ready to chill by myself.  The couple here called and were so intent on getting me out of the house.  I lied and said that my dog was sick.  People are much nicer to sick dogs than they are to tired wives whose hubbies are detoxing.


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