Infertility Makes Others Stupid and Mean

Someone, please tell me why is it that when you are infertile, EVERYONE else becomes a doctor?

If I could make a list of the stupid, thoughtless things that people have said in the last few months, it would take me a year.

I also enjoy hearing stories of people who already have kids (without any infertility meds), have been trying for a month, and “feel my pain”.  As in, they got their period after breast feeding for 2 years and it is just so unfair.

I am not saying that other people are not welcome to their own pain.  I am just saying, if you are holding a baby and telling me that you are suffering after one month of trying to conceive, you are probably making me feel stabby.  Fair or not.

Next post: why it is not okay to say things like, “Why aren’t you pregnant yet?”


2 responses to “Infertility Makes Others Stupid and Mean

  1. i especially loved when people would tell me “If you dont stress so much, you will get pregnant”.. umm, really doctor know it all? It’s not because I have scar tissue in my uterus? Really? just stress? thank you for that.

    Rachel… we are living in a day and age where 56 year olds can get pg from ivf and carry to term with healthy babies (true story co worker)..

    I also think that if you had a child now it would be very difficult with all that danny is going through….. you need him to be strong and clean before he becomes a parent…

    I am sending you strength and love.

  2. It’s weird…I so know I’m not ready to have a baby with D’s probs…It is just so frustrating to feel like I don’t even have control over my body! You know?

    I know I will have a baby one day…by birth or by adoption. I’m okay with it. It’s just when other people make me feel like if I’m not having a child, I’m doing the wrong thing. And I have that whole need to do the “right thing”.

    But right now, the “right thing” for me is to keep my head above water. Even if that water is loaded with crap.

    How’s Israel? Greece looked GORGEOUS!

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